A Love Dinner – A Special ‘Walk’ of Humanity in the Center of Athens

March 31, 2023

UCI Greece LMS cooked for the homeless and distributed over 1,000 meals in the streets of Athens and Piraeus at night.

The “Dinner of Love” initiative began in 2014 as a private, self-funded effort aimed at distributing food and essential items to homeless fellow citizens in the wider area of central Athens.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night, volunteers gather food and essential items, either donated by themselves or received as contributions from stores and distribute them to the homeless. The distribution starts at 9:00 PM, visiting each beneficiary individually at pre-mapped “spots” in the center of Athens and Piraeus.

Watch the Video here: https://www.facebook.com/deipnoagapis.gr/videos/2158100877689160/ 

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