Frequently asked questions for borrowers

When should I consult UCI Greece Loan Management Services?

If you are a borrower and UCI manages your loan, once you realize that you face or will face difficulties paying your installments, we recommend you contact us. Whether the problem is temporary or permanent, there are solutions for debt settling in all cases. Even if the problem is extended beyond the duration of the settlement, UCI Greece Loan Management Services may examine its renewal.

I haven’t paid my debts for a long time. Can you suggest me solutions?

UCI Greece Loan Management Services offers a wide range of flexible solutions (short-term, long-term, resolution & closure solutions) as long as there is a willingness to cooperate and a proven ability to repay your debts.

How bureaucratic is the process?

Not at all. In the vast majority of cases, you simply should contact the responsible department, providing the necessary supporting documents and then sign the contract of the settlement.

If I settle my debt and recover financially, can I stop the loan or card settlement and return to my normal installment?

Yes, the pause of the debt settlement is possible. However, in order to avoid new problems with the payment of the installments, your new financial data should be taken into account with special attention for the purpose of avoiding future payment issues.

What are the supporting documents required for settling debts or credit cards?

The supporting documents refer to the recent financial data (last E1, last E9 or real estate taxation statement) and any other documents proving the inability to pay, depending on the reason causing the difficulty (e.g. unemployment card, etc.). In some cases additional documentation is required in order to verify further the payment weakness.