Data Subjects Exercise Rights Request Application Form

Using this form, any natural person may exercise his or her rights established by General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and relating to his or her personal data processed by UCI Greece PDAB. As the data controller, UCI GREECE CREDIT AND LOAN RECEIVABLES SERVICING COMPANY SINGLE MEMBER SOCIETE ANONYME (hereinafter “UCI Hellas”), in accordance with the legislative framework, commits to assess your request and to proceed to your satisfaction, if possible, within the timeframe provided. In any case, you will be promptly informed of any progress in the course of your request. Please fill in all of the following fields carefully to ensure optimal management of your request:

    1. Personal details of a natural person exercising the right:

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    2. Type of right you want to exercise (You can select only one of the following):

    Information for processing my personal dataAccess to my personal dataDeletion of my personal dataLimitation of the processing of my personal dataPortability of my personal dataCorrection of inaccurate / completion of incomplete personal dataOpposition to the processing of my personal dataWithdrawal of consent

    Please provide a detailed record of your request in the field below.

    3. Selection of the means of communication with which you wish to contact you for the progress of your request:

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