Every borrower, every loan and every problem is unique. So, unique is the way that UCI Greece Loan Management Services deals all the incoming requests regarding loan repayment problems.

Any request for temporary or permanent settlement of a loan repayment is dealt by a personalized study and appropriate suggestions based on the current financial condition of the borrower.

In this context, we present you indicative solutions that are offered depending on the situation and the situation of the borrower.

All solutions listed may not be applicable in all cases.

* These solutions are indicative and result of the study of each borrower’s case, making use of any available information. After a thorough evaluation, If UCI Greece Loan Management Services results in a negative decision (namely it is estimated that the borrower will not be able to comply with any of the above mentioned solutions), then UCI Greece Loan Management Services communicates this decision to the borrower directly, providing detailed explanations to support its negative decision.