Short term solutions

The solutions proposed by UCI Greece Loan Management Services in the case that the borrower faces temporary – short term financial problems (reduced income, work loss, extraordinary personal expenses – family expenses that go beyond the family budget, etc.) are as follows:

Reduced payment up to 2 years

With this solution, we can help the borrower face the temporary increased costs or reduced revenue by offering a much lower installment than normal one (provided it is higher than the interest). *

Arrears capitalization

In the cases where there are already unpaid installments of previous months, namely overdue debts and the borrower still cannot repay a lump sum, UCI Greece Loan Management Services may consider capitalizing part of the debt in conjunction with a new repayment plan. *

Reduced payment lower than the interest-only installment up to 3 months

In an emergency, the possibility of paying a smaller installment than the interest-only installment may be offered after consideration, although this has as an affect the increase of the outstanding balance of the loan by the amount of unpaid interest capitalized. *

* The short term solutions described above are indicative and result of a personalized study depending on the documentation that the borrower has provided. The possibility of these solutions being applied is not a prerequisite and is considered on a case by case basis.