Frequently asked questions for mortgage loans

Why should I settle my loan?

The debt settlement relieves you immediately from the late payment interest, and therefore your debt is not burdened further. In addition, the reduced installment will allow you to smoothly serve your loan, avoiding the unpleasant consequences of the late payment.

Will a guarantor help?

Adding a guarantor can significantly improve the terms of your debt repayment by facilitating its smooth servicing.

How much can I reduce my installment and for how long?

At UCI Greece Loan Management Services, we examine each case separately. In any case, we try to harmonize the new installment with your current financial data and at the same time avoid the increase of your loan balance. The duration of the settlement may be up to 24 months.

What should I do to settle my loan?

Please contact our call center at +30 210 7491800 or contact the relevant department at the following address: UCI Greece Loan Management Services, 5, Aggelou Pirri 5, Athens, 11527