Complaint Submission

How you can file your complaint within the Company?

The complainant has the option to:

  • Complete the relevant form of submission of complaint that is uploaded in our official website (
  • Access the Company’s premises based in Athens, 5 Aggelou Pyrri Str, P.C. 11527, by completing the relevant form.
  • File the complaint through Fax, number: 210-7759154.
  • File the complaint through e-mail in the address:
  • File the complaint by telephone communication, numbers: 210-7491800, 8011005005

What is the complaint handling process?

  • Upon receipt of each complaint the Company provides the complainant with a verification receipt and written information on the applicable complaint handling procedure. Responsible of the complaints function is the Compliance Officer of the Company.
  • Upon submission of the complaint, the competent department shall study and organize the collection and investigation of all evidence and information related to the complaint in cooperation with all departments concerned, with a view to providing a reasoned substantiated response.
  • At the complainant’s request, the company provides information on the state/process of study of the respective case.
  • The company is obliged to respond within 45 calendar days of the submission of the complaint. In the event that the above deadline cannot be met, the company shall inform the complainant for the cause of the delay and indicate the timeframe it will take to investigate the complaint further providing a relevant response.
  • The answer given to the complainant is written in concrete, simple and comprehensible language.
  • The complainant is informed that in the event that the final response is unsatisfactory, he / she may apply in writing to alternative / out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms and / or, where appropriate, the Competent Authority, if she/he persists in his / her complaint such as:
    • Bank of Greece, Directorate of Supervision Private Insurance
    • Ministry of Development and Investments, 
      General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection
    • Consumer Advocate
    • Banking and Investment Services Mediator

Complaint Submission Form

    General Notice

    If you believe that despite your appeal to the competent bodies of UCI LMS your problem has not been   adequately addressed, you are well entitled to forward your complaint to third parties:

    Bank of Greece
    Directorate Supervision of Private Insurance
    21 Eleftheriou Venizelou str., 10250 Athens
    Tel..: 210 3205222, 210 3205223
    Fax: 210 3205437-8

    Ministry of Development and Investments
    General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection
    Kannigos Square, P.C. 101 81
    Tel.: 210 380 86 64,                                                    
    Fax: 210 3893400

    Consumer Advocate
    144 Alexandras Avenue, 11471, Athens
    Tel.: 210 6460862, 210 6460814,
    210 6460612, 210 6460734, 210 6460458
    Fax: 210 6460414

    Banking and Investment Services Mediator
    1 Massalias str., P.C. 10680, Athens,
    tel. 210 3376700,
    fax 210 3238821
    or to electronic address: