Great Place to Work

April 26, 2023

UCI Greece proudly announces the acquisition of the Great Place To Work® certification, placing it among the top companies in Greece known for providing a distinctive working environment for their employees.

Through assessment by the Great Place to Work Hellas organization, UCI Greece has been recognized as a company that has convincingly:

  • Maintained high-quality Human Resource management processes.
  • Provided incentives to employees and fostered a high level of engagement.
  • Cultivated relationships between employees and management based on trust.
  • Demonstrated attractiveness in the job market and the ability to attract talents.
  • Cultivated a sense of pride among its people regarding the company and its work environment.
  • Encouraged productive, collaborative, and innovative employees.

The Great Place to Work® certification stands as the highest distinction for the company, positioning it among the elite companies in our country, particularly for its exceptional work environment.

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