Support Measures for Fire Victims 2023

August 9, 2023

At UCI Greece, we stand by the borrowers affected by the significant and devastating wildfires of summer 2023, and for this reason, we have implemented a series of favorable measures aimed at their immediate and substantial support.

Who are considered Beneficiaries of UCI Greece Support Measures:

Beneficiaries of the support measures include all borrowers who own property or engage professionally in the affected areas.

Specifically, the support measures apply to anyone whose postal code of their primary residence and/or professional address is included in the postal codes of the areas affected by the wildfires.

Inclusion Requirements

The basic Requirements for the affected borrower to be included in UCI Greece’s support measures are as follows:

  • Submission of a written request to UCI Greece sent via email to:
  • Submission of timely application certificate from the digital platform

Description of Support Measures

The support measures provide the following facilities to borrowers:

Freezing of loan servicing with a suspension of installment payments

  • The option to implement freezing of the loan with an immediate suspension of installment payments for up to 12 months.
  • At the end of the suspensive arrangement, the amount of deferred installments is capitalized and automatically redistributed among the remaining loan installments, maintaining the total remaining loan duration unchanged.
  • In cases of overdue payments, they will be capitalized before the implementation of the suspension arrangement and redistributed among the remaining loan installments.
  • For overdue payments created accrued from the day of the wildfire until inclusion in the support measures, a complete cancellation of all interest, conventional and delayed, calculated during that period is provided.

Suspension of enforcement actions

  • Suspension of all enforcement actions for all borrowers affected by the wildfires.
  • The duration and start date of the suspension of enforcement actions are determined according to the Regional Unit and as provided in the relevant Greek Government Gazette (FEK).

For more information regarding UCI Greece’s Support Measures for wildfire victims, you can contact UCI Greece via phone at (+30) 210 7491855 or (+30) 2107491803 and via email:

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